Turn Your Neighbors Into Friends

photo-1416453072034-c8dbfa2856b5So you’ve just moved into a new neighborhood and you’re having trouble starting over. One of the scariest propositions for anyone who is moving into a new area is making new friends. It’s also of the utmost importance to get off on the right foot with your neighbors and create a tight circle of friends in your new area. The last thing you want is a neighbor who doesn’t like you igniting a neighborhood feud. Here are ways to avoid that and make your neighbors your friends.

Introduce yourself

One of the worst things you can do when it comes to making friends is to be standoffish and cold. When you’re driving around or walking the neighborhood, smile and wave at your neighbors. This is a great way to start build amity and you can then introduce yourself and find out more about them. If someone else moves in after you do, go to their house and bring them a welcome basket. It may sound old-fashioned, but it works wonders.

Go to the local hangouts

One of the ways to get to know people is to be seen. If your neighborhood has local businesses, be sure to frequent them whenever possible. You will probably end up running into neighbors and can easily strike up a conversation. Try the local gym and nail salon as well as the local watering holes like restaurants and coffee shops. If you’ve got kids, go to the local park and let them meet some of the local kids. Chances are they’ll probably be your neighbors as well.

Join a community group

You’re also going to meet lots of your neighbors and new friends if you join local groups. A library book club or a neighborhood association are just a couple of the best ways to meet people.

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