Top Home Security Tips

vianden-1137019_1280You’ve probably heard the cliché time and time again about your home being your castle. Castles, of course, are meant to protect you and keep you safe. But sometimes you have to do some work to your particular castle to ensure that it’s able to withstand intruders who want to rob you blind or do you harm. Here are areas you can secure so that your home is as safe as the castles of old (


One of the weakest entry points that’s a prime target for would-be thieves is your garage. First, always be sure to carry the garage door opener with you. If you leave it in your car at a mall, for instance, a thief can steal your remote, get your address off of the registration, and then go to your house and help themselves to your stuff. Another good idea is to be sure to lock the interior entrance door leading from the garage to the rest of the house. That way, if a thief does get in, he won’t be able to go any further.


Secure your windows from intruders by adding alarms. Don’t worry about getting a fancy system that sends the police out when the alarm is triggered. Just go to any home improvement store and get the kind that gives off a piercing screech when the door is opened up. The idea here is to draw attention to the burglars and they will run for the hills.


Finally, upgrade your doors as soon as you move in. Replace the original screws on the door hinges and strike plates with longer ones. This can help prevent a thief from using a crow bar to pry open your door.

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