Tips for Your Next Staycation


Has this ever happened to you? You work like a dog for fifty-one weeks a year only to finally reach that holiest of weeks—your summer vacation. And then you spend it driving from Point A to Point B, stuck in traffic, frustrated, and staying in an uncomfortable hotel with screaming kids. Then you come back home after a week feeling more exhausted than when you last left only to realize you have to go to work the next day? Well, a hot new trend may be the perfect choice for you this year; instead of a vacation, why not try a “staycation” (

What is a “staycation”?
In short, a staycation is where you take a break from the troubles of the world, but you do it without leaving the comfort of your home. For many, it’s because of finances and the expense of going out of town on a big trip. For others, it is just wanting to relax at home instead of having to drive all over the place to get somewhere to relax. But a staycation can be more than just hanging out at the house and becoming a couch potato for a week.

How to have a relaxing “staycation”
There are a few secrets to having a good staycation. Here are just a few:

  1. Get rid of the electronic gadgets—One of the biggest headaches people create for themselves is our attachment to gadgets. For this week, turn them off! No checking emails, no tweeting, no surfing through Facebook—for one week give yourself a break from all of those hassles. And this includes turning off your clock and hiding your watch. Don’t worry about what time it is; just relax and enjoy yourself.
  2. Dine out—You know that if you went on a real vacation, you would be eating out every night in another city. So instead, do that in your own hometown. Try some new restaurants that you haven’t been to before. Explore your own city for cool little bistros or cafes. But let someone else do the cooking and the dishes.
  3. Explore—There is probably some spot in your hometown that you drive by all the time and say to yourself, “I’m going to have to check that place out one day.” Make this staycation “that day.” Do something in your own area that you haven’t done before—explore a new restaurant, check out historical sites, shop in a small, independent store. Do something out of your comfort zone that will make this staycation fun.

Taking a vacation doesn’t require a lot of money or a long expensive trip to some distant city. There is plenty of rest and relaxation to be had right at home. So this year, think about having a staycation instead of a vacation.

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