How we keep it simple, easy and convenient for you.

Back in the day, the people behind PrivatePlus were on the cutting edge of simplifying the mortgage process. Still are.

  1. Making it easy. We know how busy you are. So we gladly accommodate your schedule. Most of the process is easily handled via phone and email. We can even do the closing at your home or office.
  2. Speeding things up. We want to present you with the most competitive options. At times we turn to outside lenders. But in most cases, it’s our money. So we can make the decisions. We use our underwriters, our in-house procedures. All so your loan goes through faster.
  3. Being professional. Our mortgage bankers are seasoned mortgage specialists. That experience and knowledge assures you of a buttoned-up closing without surprises.

In short, PrivatePlus gets it. That’s why you can and should expect:

  • A hassle-free, no-pressure process.
  • Respect for your time and schedule.
  • An approach that’s responsive and accountable.
  • Reaching closing on time without “unforeseen” circumstances.
  • Flexible closing locales. Most can be conducted at your home or office. Whichever is most convenient for you.

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