Perfect DIY Home Projects for Mother’s Day


How about doing a few home improvements for her? Every mom would enjoy seeing some of these improvements to their home as a thoughtful reminder of how much you care (

Clean the garden

Many moms love puttering around in the garden. Help her out by weeding and mulching the gardens and flowerbeds. Trim the shrubs while you’re at it. Clean the gutters It’s hard for folks to get out and clean the gutters the older they get. So help mom out this year by cleaning them for her. Be sure to get out all of the leaves and other debris so they’re no longer clogged.

Clean the driveway and deck

While you’re working outdoors, be sure to clean up the driveway and sidewalks and other outside areas. Fix any loose or broken boards on the deck and sweep up around the driveway. As one last touch, break out the power washer and give the sidewalk a good cleaning.

Clean the garage

This may be a major undertaking, but go into the garage and help get it organized. Install shelving units and help box up all of your old stuff that she is holding onto.

This Mother’s Day, be sure to show mom you love her by helping to make her house look sparkling and shiny. You may have skimped on doing your chores as a kid, but you can make up for it now.

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