How to Use Pinterest to Find Your Future Home

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Everyone knows that the state of shopping in the world has changed. Ten or twenty years ago, no one could have imagined being able to order almost anything and having it delivered in less than twenty-four hours. Music and videos are now almost instantly available. But how has the Internet revolution changed home shopping? One of the most innovative new formats for real estate is Pinterest (

For those who haven’t visited Pinterest yet, or aren’t sure what it’s all about, Pinterest is a website that allows people to create “digital corkboards.” With these boards, the users can pin pictures that interest them, even organizing them in interesting ways. This can be used for mindless fun by pinning humorous memes or it can be used to inspire you by allowing you to “pin” motivational quotes to your board. Pinterest really took off when people began sharing recipes easily across the Internet.

However, the use of Pinterest to buy a home is still relatively new. With this website, you can pin photos of a listed home so that you can do comparisons with other homes that are available. Many posters can put up multiple pictures, including every single room of the home as well as the landscaping and surrounding areas. If you are looking at multiple areas to move to, Pinterest allows you to create multiple boards so that you can pin house pictures to the geographic area that you are interested in. All of these functions give you an extra opportunity to organize your search and make it easier.

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