Get Ready for Gardening: Tips to Make Your Garden Pop This Spring

planting_tree_hiresA lot of areas across the country are finally starting to peak out from under the piles of snow that have accumulated. If you’re starting to have cabin fever, then that can only mean one thing—Gardening Time! But before you grab the trowel and the flower bulbs, here are a few things you need to get ready for the new season (

Map out your garden

A little planning can go a long way. Find an area to plant that gets plenty of exposure to sunlight and little obstructions that could possibly stop water from reaching the plants. Also, if you’re planting flowers, think about how the colors will look side by side as they grow.

Prepare the area

If you’re planting a brand new garden, till the soil so it’s easier to plant your flowers or vegetables. If it’s an existing garden, go through and weed the area so that the weeds don’t take over the healthy plants and you have room to plant.

Choose your plants

If you’re looking for a flower garden, now would be an awesome time to start that rose garden you’ve always dreamed of. But be careful; roses can take a lot of maintenance. If fruits and vegetables are more your thing, strawberries are a great choice that will taste really delicious this summer with a bowl of whipped cream. You should also consider vegetables like cabbage, carrots, and broccoli. Enjoy your garden and eat healthier in the process.

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