Do Your Pets Know How To Be Good Neighbors?

January 27, 2016—

We all love our pets; many of us even treat them like our kids. But the fact is your neighbors may not be so enthusiastic about them. It’s always important to be a good neighbor, but maybe ever more so when you have a dog that can be an annoyance to those around you.

Here’s how to make sure that your dog and neighbors can just get along (

If you take your dog for walks in the neighborhood, always make sure to carry a plastic baggy with you. Nothing will get you on the bad side of your neighbors quicker than letting your animal’s droppings stay on the sidewalk (or much worse—in their yard).

And speaking of yards, make sure your dog stays within his or her boundaries. If you let your dog run around in the back yard, be sure it is fenced in so that your animal has plenty of room without infringing on other people’s territory. Also, don’t let them roam the neighborhood unless you want a visit from Animal Control.

The last thing anyone wants to live next too is a dog who barks all of the time! Big guard dogs or tiny lap dogs need socialization so they know not to bark too much or jump up on other people. If you pay attention to your dog’s behavior (like barking) then you will keep problems from developing and keep your neighbor’s happy.

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