DIY Gardening Feeder for Vegetables

January 12, 2016—

If you’re like a lot of people in this country, chances are you’re going through a serious case of cabin fever. The good news is that spring is right around the corner and you’ll be able to break out of your winter doldrums with spring gardening.

DIY-Soda-Bottle-Drip-FeederFor those who love puttering around in the garden, here’s a DIY project that you can use this spring ( ).

Drip feeders make a great project because they let your plants get moisture directly from the roots instead of lawn sprinklers. To make one, you’re going to need a two liter soda bottle (or BPA free bottle if you plan to use with veggies).

First, poke holes in the side of the bottle. It’s suggested you can use barbecue skewers, but really any slender device that can poke small holes will work.

Next, plant your flowers, vegetables or other plants in your garden. Right next to these plants, be sure to bury the bottle so that the neck of the bottle is sticking up slightly out of the ground. (You also need to leave the cap off the bottle.)

Now, you can use your garden hose to fill up the bottle regularly when you water the lawn. (If you get a lot of rain, this will also cause it to fill up.) The plants roots will then grow into the bottle and absorb water directly through the roots, making it a lot easier to grow healthy thriving plants.

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