Create a Maintenance Free Deck


February 25, 2016—

Spring is just around the corner and that means time to start relaxing on your outdoor deck.

Decks can be awesome, unless you have to deal with the maintenance like sanding, staining, and repairing to keep it looking nice. But there’s good news!

Now you have new materials you can use to make the deck last a lot longer so you can enjoy it more:–4282.html

One of the first new options you have is ProFekt. This isn’t meant to replace your existing wood deck—it covers it. ProFekt is sold in rolls like tape and you roll it out to cover the boards of your existing deck. This material gives it a new wood appearance and also helps maintain the wood so that it doesn’t deteriorate more under the elements.

Solid Composites
This material for a deck imitates the traditional look of the wood, but it won’t rot or attract termites and other critters. Each board is flat and is also flexible, which allows you to bend them to make some really cool curved deck designs. If you are already comfortable working with wood, just grab yourself a nail gun and get to installing.

Timber Tech
This is another composite material that is lighter than solid composites. It also gives the appearance of tightly connected boards that lock together really easily with a tongue-and-groove system. This one is really good for those who don’t have a lot of experience with tools who want to build a low-maintenance deck.

It is possible to have a low-maintenance deck that will keep you from ever needing to grab the sander or the wood-stain. Just choose the material right for you and get set up to enjoy your outdoor deck.

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