Could Pokémon Go Influence Your Home Price?


Right now, you can’t seem to go anywhere without running into Pokémon GO players who are trying to “catch them all.” Newsfeeds are overloaded with ubiquitous stories about everything from national monuments to local cemeteries and schools being declared Poke Stops or Pokémon Gyms. Businesses are getting an added boost in some areas because of the additional foot traffic in certain areas. But can there be other, larger scale issues associated with Pokémon GO and businesses? Here are some hypotheticals on what could possibly happen with Pokémon and the real estate market (

Can Pokémon GO make your home price go up?

The short answer is: “highly unlikely.” But what can it do for you when you are trying to sell your home? If you live in an area that is high in Pokémon or has a Poké Stop or Pokémon Gym, then you are more likely to have a higher amount of traffic in your neighborhood. (This is especially true for foot traffic.) If you are not familiar with Pokémon GO, players have to travel by foot around areas looking for Pokémon on their cellphones. In the first two weeks of access, over 21 million people downloaded the game and began trying to catch the computerized characters. That means that your neighborhood could have hundreds of extra people walking around. In the process, your on-the-market home could be on display for potential sellers. It’s unlikely that anyone will ever buy a house specifically because it’s near a Pokémon Gym, but you never know. What is likely is that the extra traffic could bring in extra potential buyers to help making your house sale easier.

Can Pokémon GO make your home price go down?

There is another potential situation that could be more problematic for homeowners. Imagine the situation: your home is near a Poké Stop and you have hundreds of strangers walking the neighborhood playing the game. This could actually be seen by some as a negative feature since many people don’t like the thought of strangers wandering the neighborhood. There have already been many instances of Poké Stops being used by criminals as a way of targeting unsuspecting victims. So this could lead your home to being seen as in a negative location.

No one knows just how long the “Poke-Craze” is going to continue. But, in the short term, there is potential for a slight change in the housing market as a result of the game.

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