Container Garden DIY Water Reservoir

g9i0w9mTRKiBYUxV2BjO__DSC9651Spring is almost here and for many people that means it’s time to break out the trowels and potting soil to do some gardening. If you live in an area with really hot and dry days, then you might want to create a water reservoir for your plants to keep them properly hydrated. It’s a really simple do-it-yourself project that you can try now as you are starting to plant your flowers (

First, get an empty plastic bottle. Clean it thoroughly, especially if it was used to hold anything with chemicals in it. Make sure that the bottle is about the same height as your planter that you are using.

Next, remove the bottle cap and cut the bottom off of the bottle. You can use a craft knife or an X-Acto razor for this. You should be sure you remove enough so that the cut bottle can reach from the soil line of the planter to almost the bottom.

Once you’ve done this, you want to start filling up the planter with potting soil while keeping the bottle inside of the planter. The bottle should be in the middle of the planter and upside down so the cut open end is pointing upwards toward you.

Now that you’ve got the bottle stabilized, you can fill up the rest of the pot with soil and also plant your flowers around the circle of the bottle. When you have done this, you have a water reservoir you can fill for your plants on extremely hot days. This way, the water will go downwards toward the deep roots of your plants and really help them take hold and flourish.

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